Lindsey Kate Harvey, the heart and soul behind Paper Kate, understands the delight in coming home to a personalized invitation for an important event. Mailing out party invitations will never go out of style. Social media and Evites has its perks, but opening up an individually addressed invite is a lot more personal. People appreciate effort and for everyone to experience this special treat with a beautiful one-of-a-kind design is the mission of Paper Kate.

As a self-proclaimed lover of “all things paper”, Lindsey began her creative journey in 2003 by designing ‘Thank You’ and ‘Just Because’ cards for family and friends. She later found herself creating beautiful paper goods for all types of events and celebrations, including memorial/funeral programs – initially to help ease the burden of grieving family members and now in recognition that all families should be able to commemorate their loved one without the added stress of designing a keepsake that represents their life and legacy.

Lindsey is passionate about offering a stress-free experience with the goal of leaving an impression that starts before the actual event and a memory that lasts long after. With Paper Kate, you are sure to walk away with stationery that reflects your personality and warms the hearts of any recipient.

When she’s not piecing together custom invitation suites and supporting stationery, Lindsey enjoys soaking up time with her family (preferably on a beach), sipping a glass of wine or diving into a good book.

Paper Kate is my dream turning into a small business. Every time I get a new comment or follow on Instagram, or an inquiry pops up in my inbox, my one-woman team does a happy dance! I truly give a piece of my heart in the process of designing gorgeous suites and putting visions onto paper. My favorite part of the creative journey is collaborating with a client – learning the special details of an event and going back and forth to bring their vision to life. Balancing a client’s thoughts with my design sense of the “feel” of an event promotes a certain intimate feeling to my work, which is exactly what I’m going for; I want my customers to feel as unique and extraordinary as the stationery they are receiving.

I love what I do and I approach my work with careful attention-to-detail to create a final design that both my clients and myself are head over heels in love with. 

What area are you located in?

Paper Kate is based out of Delaware while most frequently serving the MD/PA/NJ areas. However, we can provide products anywhere you are located.

Do you create birthday or holiday party invitations?

Paper Kate specializes in a wide variety of custom designed invitations for a series of events & celebrations however, we do not offer birthday or holiday party invitations. 

What are your rates?

Our projects vary greatly in price depending on materials used, quantities and print methods. We do not use templates and we start each design with a blank canvas in order to provide a customized unique product to fit your special event. Therefore it's impossible to provide a standard rate for every project. If you do not see prices listed for the item you are interested in, we suggest you contact us with your request so that we can offer you a quote for your specific order. 

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